Got a

Big Idea? Tricky Problem? Grand Vision?

Introducing me, a Fullstack Developer.
I’m not a frontend or backend kind
of person. I’m a problem solver, and
I solve problems all the way from
start to finish.

Who Am I?

Hi 👋🏽

I am Umar. I build solutions with logic and
currently study software engineering
at the university of glasgow.

I am passionate about consumer, financial
and educational technology and want to
be able to make an impact.

My Work

Here are some projects I work on in my spare
time to learn, grow and help - because
what’s a little spare time, right?


In Progress

PTA Management

A client had multiple students
and needed a way to
share documents


In Progress

Track Each Naira

A client had multiple construction
sites and needed a way to track


Brand Website

A client was working on their
online presence and
needed a website

Don’t just take my
word for it

Here is what others have said about me.

Umar has been very dedicated
and committed to the
mentoring sessions. I truly
appreciate his passion to learn
and grow. His enthusiasm and
drive were very obvious from our
first meeting…



Umar impressed me greatly with his
focus and determination. He never
hesitated to ask questions about
things he didn’t understand. His
curiosity was insatiable. He got along
well with everyone, very caring,
respectful, and patient…


| BrainBloom

Get in touch

Hit my socials if you have anything in mind,
or just want a good chat.

…or send me a message on here

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